DAY 10: Africa Hackathon with Binance X

DAY 10: Africa Hackathon with Binance X

Welcome to Day 10 of the Africa Hackathon Workshop!.

Be a part of the $2000 Hacakthon giveaway this june.

Here is how to participate:

– We are giving away a Pool Prize of $2,000 in BUSD to 100 Lucky Hackathon participants this June!

– Complete 5 Trades on $Bake, $Auto, $1inch, or any token of your choice from our Hackathon Project sponsors on Pancake swap to qualify!

– Paste the transaction hash’s of each of the transaction’s here https://forms.gle/vURHxMo4qPj1GnNn8

– The first 100 people to successfully complete the task will each get an equal share in the pool

* Strictly on. first come, first serve*

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