Filecoin CRYPTO AIRDROP how to get free File coin  filecoin coinbase earn

Filecoin CRYPTO AIRDROP how to get free File coin filecoin coinbase earn

Hey! Time to look at December #Airdrops​ for 2020 it’s mostly filled with small stuff and a couple of bigger ones. We also have a few which were mentioned in the last episode that is still running so make sure you take a peek at my Airdrops playlist over at my channel

In this video we show you how to get free Filecoin. I also show you the answers to the coinbase earn for file coin. Also in the video I will show you how to easily get free file coin and what the answers are.

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Amazing we made a video on Filecoin 24 hours later we yet recieve another airdrop on Coinbase….Amazing moments in the Crypto World….

Get ready to fill your bags with FIL, and get ready for a filing of gains. Today we discuss Filecoin and the biggest ICO in the history of crypto. This heavily anticipated platform beset with delays has just launched and for those who got into Filecoin, (FIL) congratulations on the 118% surge. Filecoin is a blockchain storage platform.

Filecoin has recently launched its FIL token on many crypto exchanges including Kraken, Coinbase, Binance, Huobi, and Gemini. Early investors have already made BANK off of Filecoin. We’ll analyze FIL’s price and try to predict where it’s headed in the future. Is it too late to jump on this moon-bound rocket? Find out what Filecoin has in store and if you can profit.

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